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Brauton - 
beer with a taste of Music

 This project is a concept for a small brewery based in
Salzburg, Austria - hometown and city of Mozart. The beer
is sonicated with music during fermentation, when yeast
turns sugar into alcohol. Adding sound at this stage of the
process is giving the beer its special taste - making
the brewery double state champions in Austria in 2017. 

So the branding and communicationconcept
is all about our brand core: 
beer & music



Every beer brew is named after an iconic song which reflects its
special characteristic. Background stories and infos of the
titles are explained on the back of each bottle.
The titles on the labels are handmade with unique custom
letterings to furnish the bottle with a handcrafted character
just like the craft beer itself.



To create extraordinary coasters we converted used and
damaged vinyl branded with a sticker and labels.
The remaining parts of the vinyl are used to build a
unique giveaway - branded bottle openers.



In view of an oversaturated beer market and our limited
distribution and production capabilities it is not possible to
become a relevant competitor at ordinary supermarkets.

The goal was to find a new point of sale for beer so
we established our own retail: record stores.
They attract our core target group directly without other
beverage competitors. And what a place to relax and
listen to yourfavourite music while sipping a craft beer.

The headlines of the campaign reveal the
special ingredient in a whimsical way:
Brewed by the master brewer and Bob Dylan
is just one example.


Next to conventional sujets for the POS (recordstores) and
social media we designed some record covers and placed them
in various record crates, where people dig for new music.


Our direct mailing contains a handpainted vinyl with
unbelievable news for every brewer, customer and trademark:
„National Champions reveal their brewing secret“. 


We also announce our Tasting Tour - a tourbus
equipped with beer, sunbathe and a soundsystem going
around austria for pop up shows, where fans can
try brauton while enjoying live music. Including limited
 edition merchandising.


To expand our variety we organize live sessions at our
brewery, where a band live sonicates our brew. We caption
this event for our online platforms. More than that,
we create special editions with the bandnames on it. This will
be sold as special editions with and for those bands.

 Photo from Django Django "Tic Tac Toe"


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