Umami beer

Brauton x Mochi

Branding & Packaging

A product innovation by Brauton, the beer with taste of music: The Umami Beer, a collaboration of Brauton and Mochi, the renowned Japanese Fusion Restaurant in Vienna.

As the name of the beer says, the goal was to create a beer that is the perfect accompaniment to dishes with the Japanese Umami taste, the 5th basic taste besides sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

The result is an aromatic, fruity and mild Witbier (a Belgian type of wheat beer) with ingredients like Koji Rice and Sorachi ACE Hops. Not only does it pair well with Umami dishes: as every Brauton beer, it is inspired by a certain piece of music. In this case: Shigeo Sekito’s „The Word II“.

Not only in culinary ways is this a fruitful combination – the classic Brauton design of a vinyl label went just perfectly with integrating the Japanese Flag and making it clear where the main inspiration for the Umami Beer came from.

The typography emphasizes the concept by making the line spacing so large that it is reminiscent of a Japanese vertical typeface. Kanpai!