Exomoon Coffee


Neubaugasse Wien

Corporate Design & Packaging

Mission Statement: Exomoon is a tribute to the vastness of the universe. We believe that coffee should not just be a drink, but an experience.
Our coffee beans are selected and roasted with care. For us, coffee starts with the bean. But the taste knows no boundaries. Every variety is a journey. And every sip is a reminder that we are part of something bigger.
Exomoon coffee gives space. Time. Pleasure.

It is a coffee for dreamers. For those who are interested. For people who enjoy taste. We are in search of impressions, aromas and scents. For good conversations. About the cosmos. And about us.

The Brief:
"Futuristic Specialty Coffee Branding“Exomoon Coffee isn't just any specialty coffee; it's a journey through the cosmos in a cup. With claims like "Sourcing the rarest beans from the universe" and offering "an out-of-this-world coffee experience," the challenge was to create a brand vibe that’s as vast and intriguing as space itself.

The Essence:
Exomoon Coffee brings a cosmic twist to specialty coffee. Tasked with capturing the vastness of space in a coffee brand, we merged celestial data with coffee culture. The result? A packaging design that's a visual journey through the stars, anchored in sophisticated data-inspired infographics. It's all about visualizing the unseen, the untasted, the unfelt.

Design Highlights:  
Our design mirrors the mystery of exomoons, known through data rather than direct observation. We chose a vivid, standout palette, infused with space-themed typography and structured shapes. The brand's icon, the 'O' in Exomoon, doubles as a digital coffee bean, symbolizing the fusion of coffee and cosmos.

At HFA–Studio, we are pleased to unveil the Exomoon Coffee brand. It’s more than a coffee; it's an interstellar experience. Each element of the branding reflects a journey through the cosmos, inviting coffee enthusiasts to a universe where taste and exploration collide. For those who seek more than just a cup of coffee, Exomoon offers a sip of the universe.