Hanna Glatzer – Bunte Weine

Hanna Glatzer


Felix Malmborg

Branding, Labeldesign & Illustration

Photos by:
Max Manavi-Huber

Hanna makes wine. It’s not only willful, but also excellent. She makes natural wine, but calls the wines simply colorful. Because the world is, too. Hanna swings glasses and grapes. She balances, reads, sings and laughs. But when it comes to work, Hanna does not compromise. Nothing is above her wine, except herself. Because she literally flattens the grapes herself. Whoever drinks the wine, tastes that she likes what she is doing.

A wine, deeply rooted to her home, that deserves traveling to every last corner in the world. Why empty words, when there’s full bottles. Hannas wine is like a postcard – a beautiful impression on the outside, but the real sensations are hard to put into words. Cheers, Bussi, Baba. Enjoy it.