Kitsch Bitch Sight Store

Kitsch Bitch Sight Store

Neubaugasse Wien

Corporate Design, Branding & Murals

The Vision: The Kitsch Bitch Sight Store is a unique combination of Kitsch Bitch and Sight Store, blending their identities into one exciting brand. More than just merging names, it's about uniting their spirits.

The Icon: The heart of the brand is a symbol of two figures hugging each other, representing unity and shared goals. It captures the essence of togetherness, symbolizing the intertwined journey of these two brands.

The Brand: Kitsch Bitch Sight Store is vibrant and bold, offering a mix of fashion and interior design from across the globe.  Our goal was to craft a brand that resonates loudly and proudly, channeling a chic yet bold creative essence. The 'hug' icon, a central theme in our branding from the physical storefront to the digital presence, acts as a magnet for those drawn to its message.

The Experience: The store is more than just a place to shop. It’s a celebration of unity, style, and creativity, inviting everyone to discover something new and connect through art and design. Kitsch Bitch Sight Store isn’t just a store, it’s a community hub for creative exploration and unique style.


Embracing the ethos of 'all we adore,' the Kitsch Bitch Sight Store stands as a vibrant symbol of creative synergy. Anchored by the iconic 'hug' symbol, the brand is a celebration of unity and shared passion. This is a space that goes beyond the visual; it's an invitation to 'explore so much more.'