Lido Sounds

Arcadia Live

Linz Donauufer


Lido Sounds is a new open air festival in Linz, Austria. LI (Linz) and DO (Donau) but lido also meaning Beach is the clients brief summed up: Urban meets beach vibes meets festival.

The goal: A timeless concept that includes many different genres. And a very simple modular system that the client can work with for different graphic assets.

We created a colourful, bold and simple design that is adaptable to various genres and days. A colour code that guides you through the days, stages and different line-ups of genres. Combined with simple yet funny illustrations to create a unique design language.

We wanted to bring the city animals to life: Rocking rats, dancing pigeons, city dogs that bounce to the sound system. And a colour code with a strong „i want ice cream and summer“ kind of vibe.

Because there will be no on-site camping - our aim was to bring the camping and beach vibes to the city so we created a very simple and funny visual campaign: Old people enjoying the concrete beach jungle. Granddads in shorts and nannys licking ice creams. It is a perfect visual language to show the audience diversity and the good vibes lido sounds brings to the city.

Line up: Florence and the Machine, Die Toten Hosen, Peter Fox, My Ugly Clementine, Juju, Bon Jour and many more to come! Presented by Arcadia, Liva & Radio FM4