Vöslauer – Artists for Tomorrow Edition


Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann

Product Shots:
Marko Mestrovic

Image Clip:
Frames Network

Label Design for Vöslauer Mineralwasser „Artists for tomorrow“ Edition.

Since 2020 Vöslauer is producing all of their PET Bottles out of 100% rePET. To draw attention to that fact we were invited to produce labels with our Ideas and thoughts regarding that topic.

Not only labels were produced with out artworks, but also fine art prints, artist cards and mini bags, which are availiable in the Vöslauer design shop. For each purchase Vöslauer is donating a part to the „Clean River Project“. An organization who remove plastic and other garbage from rivers to create art out of it, to gain attention and nudge awareness: Plastic as a resource and not a single use product.

The “Artists for Tomorrow” Edition even got its own Vöslauer produced Youtube-Video.