We&Me Foundation

Tempi Stiftung

Neubaugasse Wien

Corporate Design & Branding

Concept and Design:
We mixed sharp infographics with human-like illustrations to create something relatable yet data-driven. The star of the show? The WE&ME Foundation’s ampersand symbol. We gave it a human touch and set it in motion, making it a symbol of the Foundation’s tireless efforts for those affected by ME/CFS.

Colors and Feel:
We chose a calming mix of blues and greens for a professional yet approachable look. A pop of bold color adds urgency, making sure the Foundation stands out and grabs attention.

What we got is a brand identity that speaks to scientists and ME/CFS-affected individuals alike. It’s more than just a logo and colors; it's a visual story of the Foundation’s fight for awareness and a cure.


At HFA Studio, we’re pretty stoked about bringing the WE&ME Foundation’s mission to life visually. It’s not just a design; it’s a symbol of hope and relentless advocacy in the battle against ME/CFS.